Embryo Transfer

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Embryo transfer services at SVES can be suited to fit each client's demands. We offer three basic plans to handle your embryo transfer needs. 

Plan 1: Haul-In
With the Haul-In Plan, the client boards, superovulates, heat detects and inseminates his/her own donor(s). Scheduling is arranged in advance, and the client hauls the donor(s) to the SVES clinic on flush day for embryo collection
and processing (fresh transfer or freeze). This is the least-cost plan that allows clients to utilize their own skills and facilities to manage their donors up until flush day. They can then make use of the SVES state-of-the-art facilities on flush day at no additional charge.

Plan 2: On-Farm
The On-Farm Plan is very similar to the Haul-In Plan as the client is responsible for boarding, superovulating, heat detecting and inseminating his/her donor(s). However, instead of the client transporting the donor(s) to the SVES clinic on flush day, Dr. Stroud will actually travel (for an additional fee) to the client's farm or ranch on flush day to perform embryo collection and processing (fresh transfer or freeze).

Plan 3 - SVES Donor Management
The Donor Management Plan is the perfect plan for those clients lacking the time, facilities or skills necessary to successfully superovulate, heat detect and/or inseminate their donor(s). Donors housed at SVES will be extremely well-cared for while the trained staff at SVES provides all the necessary services for superovulation, heat detection, insemination and embryo collection and processing. While this is the most expensive embryo transfer plan, we believe our donor management program is what sets us apart from other embryo transfer companies. For more in-depth details about our elite donor management program, please click here .

For additional details or current pricing information, please contact Sherry at 817-599-7721 or sherry@stroudet.com.