Artificial insemination (AI) is the most widely used reproductive technology in the cattle industry. Although AI allows widespread use of genetically superior semen, it is labor intensive and requires safe and well-designed facilities for both the cows and the people working with them. SVES is happy to offer AI services to its clients.

Plan 1: AI, Go Home
Cows brought to SVES for Plan 1 are evaluated via ultrasound to determine reproductive health and status. This allows SVES personnel to identify any reproductive abnormalities that may prevent a cow from becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy. Any problems identified during the enrollment exam will be discussed with the owner for possible treatment. Once determined to be reproductively sound, cows are maintained on pasture (with supplemental hay and grain) and observed twice daily for heat. Once heat is observed, they are sorted from the herd and moved into the breeding chute. Semen (provided by the client) is thawed and microscopically evaluated for motility and morphology (abnormally shaped sperm). If the semen is of acceptable quality, the cow is inseminated by highly trained SVES personnel. Once the female is inseminated, the client can pick her up for transport back to his/her ranch.

Plan 2: AI, Stay Until Verified Pregnant
Cows enrolled in this plan receive the same treatment as cows in Plan 1. However, instead of going back to the ranch post-insemination, these cows are boarded at the SVES clinic until they are verified pregnant. Twenty-seven days after insemination, cows are ultrasounded to determine whether or not they are pregnant. If they are confirmed pregnant, the client transports the cows back to his/her ranch. If they are not pregnant, the client has the option of leaving them at the clinic until they are confirmed bred (for additional fees).

Plan 3: Haul-In AI
Some clients wish to utilize their own skills and labor resources to detect heat on their AI cows. For these clients, Plan 3 allows them the least-cost option of getting their cows inseminated by the highly skilled staff at SVES. Clients can schedule to haul their cows to the SVES facility approximately 12 hours after heat is observed for insemination. The semen is evaluated for quality prior to insemination by trained SVES staff. Following AI, the client transports his/her cows back to the ranch.

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Artificial Insemination

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